WishM Review: A High Risk No Reward Place An Order Project

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WishM Review: A High Risk No Reward Place An Order Project

WishM is a recycled Crypto MLM platform that has gone underground. Our review exposes the risks that come with investing in Wish M’s products and services.

It remains unclear where the platform originated but the source code reveals we are dealing with a Chinese-made website. All three previous domains of WishM were registered under Singapore’s Alibaba division.

The ties between China and Thailand nationals when it comes to Crypto MLM products are growing. Hundreds of investors have already lost funds with the platform. And it’s now time to shut them down as they have fleeced thousands of Asian and European investors.

WishM is probably going to come back with another name, watch out!

To attract investors from North America, WishM claims to have its background in Colorado. These are false claims as there’s no company registered in the region offering such products. It shows the extent to which the platform will go to fool investors.

Tether or USDT is the preferred currency with anonymity being the name of the game. The platform targeted naïve investors by claiming they would make daily guaranteed profit margins. A call to action as an affiliate meant earning bonuses and commissions.

So far, hundreds of investors have come out with cries for help. Authorities in Asia and Europe are finally solving the WishM puzzle. Hopefully, those behind this MLM platform will face the wrath of justice.

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Here’s our candid WishM review.

About WishM

There’s little to point to who actually owns and runs the platform. All we have is a website that recycles itself after defrauding naïve investors. There have been over four WishM products sold this year alone.

With a meticulous plan to defraud investors, what looks like an appealing investment platform turns tragic at the end. Investors will either lose all their investments or a big chunk of what they deposited.

It all starts with the platform claiming to offer unrealistic profit margins to investors. These are daily guaranteed profit margins of 5 percent. The investment options listed include staking and other passive income options.

From the moment you sign up as an investor, the platform has already devised a way to pool funds from you. It’s a well-oiled machine that deceives investors with small chunks of withdrawals in phases.

Accountability and transparency is not anywhere close to what this platform has to offer. And that’s why we have to expose the platform for failing to offer much in terms of trust. No one knows how the platform changes the deposited sum in what they claim as daily ROI.

Our investigation to WishM will reveal why this platform is an atrocious investment pool. You need to stay away from the platform or risk losing it all. What we have is a platform lacking in clear investment guidelines.

All what WishM wants from investors is their hard-earned funds. There’s no instructions or terms listed which the platform later takes advantage of. Before investing in any crypto or finance related platform, do due diligence.

How the WishM products and services work to defraud investors

WishM is a high risk no reward investment platform deceiving investors of making ‘guaranteed’ profit margins. The first signs of a scam is the promise of making daily guaranteed profit margins.

Market volatility in any financial asset is what makes making such claims a hard sell. Even the most successful investor and trader does experience some downside. Making losses is part of the investment journey.

And that’s what has made this platform deceitful as it uses the same deposits to fool investors. Our Wish M review will expose how the platform deceives investors from the first stage of deposit to the last stage.

During these stages, the platform will allow partial withdrawals of what seems like the daily guaranteed ROI. Far from the case, we know exactly what the platform does to fool investors, and you will be surprised.

The plot starts with the firm claiming investors earn from ‘placing orders’ and using their earnings to stake Crypto. What the platform fails to mention is the nodes used for staking. The placing orders is also not used in two of its last domains, it was an addition on the last project.

You should be wary of ‘click a button’ product and service providers. Most of them won’t share the profit or even release funds once vesting period lapses. And sadly, it’s what’s happening with investors on the WishM platform.

None of them managed to withdraw funds during the last round meaning everyone lost, including their account balance. We won’t be surprised if the same product appears six months down the line.

We will expose it the moment it comes live.

Scammed by Wish M?

It all starts with the platform allowing partial withdrawals, usually with cap limits. There are two phases of withdrawals to begin with. After investing with USDT, the platform will allow 30 percent withdrawal of the entire fund.

It gives the notion that investors are indeed ripping the benefits of daily ROI as guaranteed. What investors don’t know is that this is part of their initial deposit. After the second withdrawal, the platform sends a qualifying email to investors.

The email reads you have qualified to join the next tier. And this means you can earn even more ROI than a beginner. All you have to do is add more funds which the platform guarantees will compound it with your remaining balance.

At this point, WishM wants to know whether you’re all in or all out. Those who add more deposit continue with the cycle and can withdraw three to four times. For those who don’t it marks the end of the line.

The platform will insist you have failed to meet their withdrawal limit requirement or any other excuse. Others even get an email warning notice that they have breached the terms and conditions. And there are no terms and conditions to begin with.

That’s how investors end up losing a large chunk of their investment. Once sign ups dwindle, the platform shuts down the whole operation. It has been happening since its domain and

Customer Ratings and Reviews WishM

Some of the earlier victims of the platform’s initial product and service projected are coming out. And it seems the current crop of investors will likely face the same fate. You can read reviews from TrustPilot on this platform.

We recommend doing due diligence before investing in any platform. You can also reach out with questions pertaining any product, and we would be glad to help. Investing should be a happy journey once you get the right products.

Is WishM legit or a scam?

With the product already out of control, we can clearly see there’s trouble in paradise. What we have is a platform lacking in creating any positive outcome to investors. All those who signed up with such previous projects from Wish M are ruing the decision.

Que faire en cas d'arnaque

You can move to déposer une rétrofacturation thanks to the help of qualified professionals. These are professionals who work with authorities and law enforcement to ensure clients get their funds back from such projects.

Verdict WishM

There’s no doubt in our minds that WishM is a ridiculous investment platform, please stay away from this platform.

You should instead invest in trusted passive income methods proven to work.

Voici 100% legit ways of earning passive income.

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